• Love this place! Everyone is so incredibly helpful. Just got my son his first saltwater set up, Justin... read more

    Maggie S. Avatar
    Maggie S.

    This shop is really great and the customer service is awesome. Justin is so knowledgeable and interested in helping... read more

    Debbie B. Avatar
    Debbie B.

    We absolutely love this place. Friendly clean and love to help or answer any and all questions. Family oriented and... read more

    Jay B. Avatar
    Jay B.

    Love this place! They are always so freindly (especially when my 3yr old daughter is running around wanting to look... read more

    Edris W. Avatar
    Edris W.
  • I love going here. The are always helpful and knowledgeable. Will continue to go here from here on out

    Aaron B. Avatar
    Aaron B.

    These guys are super awesome and very nice! I always enjoy stopping in, whether to get something new or just... read more

    Zach P. Avatar
    Zach P.

    What can I say, our 190 gallon crashed and I needed help ASAP!
    It was Monday and the store was closed,...
    read more

    Tony W. Avatar
    Tony W.

    Truly exceptional service, livestock, and knowledge. The owners and employees will go to great lengths to make sure that you... read more

    Cameron M. Avatar
    Cameron M.
  • Wonderful place. Lots of help and willing to do whatever it takes to make you track the best. Worth visiting.

    Benjamin G. Avatar
    Benjamin G.

    Beautiful fish and are so awesome ..!!

    Tracy S. Avatar
    Tracy S.

    Amazing selection of coral. Very nice setup. Great prices on everything! Very nice people, Will be back to get more!

    Cory P. Avatar
    Cory P.

    Great people, great fish! Always friendly & Justin’s the man!

    Hugo N. Avatar
    Hugo N.
  • The Saltwater Junkies staff are some of the most knowledgeable, kind, honest and friendly people you will ever meet. I... read more

    Lysa G. Avatar
    Lysa G.

    Very nice, fair prices and very helpful. Thanks for your help

    Victor A. Avatar
    Victor A.

    Best prices on healthy saltwater fish, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Check them out you won't be disappointed.

    Mark d. Avatar
    Mark d.

    Great people! Really cool spot! Friendly and kind! Thanks guy! 🙂

    Greg M. Avatar
    Greg M.
  • Great shop! Beautiful selection of frags.. super friendly staff! 🙂

    Christopher S. Avatar
    Christopher S.

    Great guys. Helpful, lots of great advice. The store looks great and you will not feel out of place.

    Eldin F. Avatar
    Eldin F.

    Great shop! Beautiful selection of frags and fish.. super friendly help you with everything including questions they know their stuff...... read more

    Will C. Avatar
    Will C.

    I have found my new supplier for aquatic needs here in the West Phoenix Valley. Great prices and selection, and... read more

    Rick N. Avatar
    Rick N.
  • Okay. I never give people 5 stars. Saltwater Junkies deserves it. They are everything a LFS for reefers should be.... read more

    Jon B. Avatar
    Jon B.

    Always helpful. Great livestock at great prices. Our go to shop for everything.

    Jennifer E. Avatar
    Jennifer E.

    This store is Awesome. Spent hundreds of dollars here and am satisfied with every single purchase I make.

    Reggan D. Avatar
    Reggan D.

    Went in to buy clean up crew, what awesome shop. Very friendly and knowledgeable. These folks now what they are... read more

    Stan B. Avatar
    Stan B.
  • Very good saltwater store. After several years of wanting a saltwater tank I finally got one. Justin was... read more

    Brad M. Avatar
    Brad M.

    We love this store and Justin is absolutely amazing to help with as much as he possibly can so that... read more

    Jacqueline K. Avatar
    Jacqueline K.

    Awesome store with a great owner/operator. Their prices and super reasonable and all of the knowledge and helpful staff is... read more

    Scott S. Avatar
    Scott S.

    Bought an acan from Ebay and picked it up in store plus got a nice bonus. Great bunch of people... read more

    Richard R. Avatar
    Richard R.
  • Best place for saltwater fish they're always healthy and they are priced right the price is right

    Lacey I. Avatar
    Lacey I.

    They were awesome! Being new to salt water tanks and my husband not having one for years, they were so... read more

    Marissa H. Avatar
    Marissa H.

    Screaming deals huge variety, a true coral showroom and great help. Best shop in town

    Joshua E. Avatar
    Joshua E.

    Love the service, love the prices, love the livestock and equipment! Best in the west valley, thats for sure!

    Rose G. Avatar
    Rose G.
  • Very clean store. The owner is very helpful as well as his staff, and yes on the west side... read more

    Janice W. Avatar
    Janice W.

    Awesome place! Great owners! Helpful! Great livestock and awesome corals! Best prices in town!

    Tricia P. Avatar
    Tricia P.

    This place is AMAZING! It's been several years since I've had my own tank and I was nervous getting back... read more

    Valentina R. Avatar
    Valentina R.

    They are friendly and honest. They take the time to answer all your questions.

    Carrie C. Avatar
    Carrie C.
  • So excited for this new store! Great and unique selection and the owner is extremely helpful! It's a... read more

    Katrina B. Avatar
    Katrina B.

    They have helped me through a crash of my tank and are always willin to help with whatever i need.... read more

    Rico P. Avatar
    Rico P.

    Great store and I love the selection of coral and fish. The showroom floor is not the biggest out there,... read more

    Antonio G. Avatar
    Antonio G.

    Finally had the chance to make my first stop in. Pretty awesome I must say, Frag tanks were beautiful and... read more

    Will C. Avatar
    Will C.
  • Awsome owners great products even better prices!!!!!

    Brett G. Avatar
    Brett G.

    Awesome store great selection of coral and prices. Offered to ship our coral without hesitation. Will be buying more coral... read more

    Connie A. Avatar
    Connie A.

    Amazing customer service and knowledge! Wish it was easier to find but glad we did!

    Melissa C. Avatar
    Melissa C.

    This is the place you want to stop by and check out.they have lots of selections of coral and fish..... read more

    Rafael H. Avatar
    Rafael H.
  • I've made it one of My Main stores I visit The Employees are Top notch, The store atmosphere is Family... read more

    B W. Avatar
    B W.

    Best Saltwater Store in the valley! If you haven't been here you are definitely missing out. Phenomenal fish... read more

    Dennis H. Avatar
    Dennis H.

    Great setup,very helpful staff,large selection of corals!

    Michael H. Avatar
    Michael H.